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Mechanicsburg, PA

July 30 - August 6, 2022

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Adult Bible Studies

The seven conversations of the Lord Jesus with women in the Gospel of John

The conversations and encounters between the Lord Jesus and women in John’s Gospel are remarkable. They reveal to us much about, not only the greatness and identity of His person, but also about the blessings that are so characteristic for believers in the present time of grace. The conversations took place at various occasions and still speak very much to our hearts.

Study 1

John 2:1-11: The conversation with Mary, His mother, at the wedding in Cana
  • The Lord does not recognize the natural relationship to Mary regarding His ministry. His ministry manifests His glory and results in blessing.

Study 2

John 4:5-30: The conversation with the Samaritan woman
  • The Lord touches the heart and the conscience of the woman, presenting not only living water springing up into eternal life, but also worship of the Father in spirit and truth.

Study 3

John 8:1-12: The conversation with the adulteress woman
  • The Lord Jesus, ‘the Light of the World’, manifesting the hearts of men and offering the light of life to those who follow Him.

Study 4

John 11:1-6 + 20-44: With Martha and Mary in Bethany, after the death of Lazarus
  • The Lord Jesus, ‘the resurrection and the life’, shows His sympathy and is shedding tears before manifesting His power in raising Lazarus.

Study 5

John 19:25-30 and 20:11-18: The words of the Lord Jesus to His mother from the cross and to Mary of Magdala after His resurrection.
  • The Lord Jesus shows deep affection to His mother from the cross.
  • As the risen One, He announces new relationships to those who are now His brethren.

Young People's Study


Study 1

Study 2

Study 3

Study 4 - Not Recorded

Not recorded due to staffing constraints. Please pray the Lord will raise up more willing technical servants.

Study 5

Young Adults' Study

Study 1

Study 2

Study 3

Study 4

Study 5


Ministry Lord's Day

  1. Johannes Kogut - Psalm 27
  2. Emil Nashed - Ezekiel 1

Ministry Tuesday

46:04 - 1 Track
Play AllQueue AllZIPMinistry Tuesday - Full Mp3
  1. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Ministry2-Tuesday
  1. Rickie Prengle
  2. Wagdi Tadros

Ministry Thursday

54:25 - 1 Track
Play AllQueue AllZIPMinistry Thursday - Full Mp3
  1. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Ministry3-Thursday
  1. Brian Reynolds
  2. Chuck Berry


Lord's Day Gospel

Br. Tim Hadley

Monday Gospel

Br. John Ajami

Tuesday Gospel

Br. Chuck Berry

Wednesday Gospel

Br. Brian Reynolds

Thursday Gospel

Br. Paul Meijer

Friday Gospel

Br. Bryan Baptiste

Evening Optional Bible Study

Optional Study 1

Exodus 15:22-27 - Marah

Optional Study 2

Exodus 16:4-7,14-36 - The Manna

Optional Study 3

Exodus 17 - Water out of the rock and Amalek

Optional Study 4

Numbers 13:30-14:25 - Spies in the land

Optional Study 5

Numbers 16-17 - God's order in the Priesthood


Spiritual Songs

02:55:00 - 62 Tracks
Play AllQueue AllZIP
  1. Mp3PlayQueue8 O Lord We Adore Thee
  2. Mp3PlayQueue23 How Good Is The God We Adore
  3. Mp3PlayQueue32 Oh Wondrous Hour When Saviour Thou
  4. Mp3PlayQueue35 Rise My Soul Behold Tis Jesus
  5. Mp3PlayQueue57 On The Lamb Our Souls Are Resting
  6. Mp3PlayQueue71 Oh My Saviour Crucified
  7. Mp3PlayQueue74 May The Mind Of Christ My Saviour
  8. Mp3PlayQueue108 King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords
  9. Mp3PlayQueue110 O God Thou Now Hast Glorified 1
  10. Mp3PlayQueue135 We Joy In Our God And We Sing Of That Love
  11. Mp3PlayQueue136 The Veil Is Rent Our Souls Draw Near
  12. Mp3PlayQueue164 Lord We Love To Trace Thy Footprints
  13. Mp3PlayQueue166 Lord Thou Hast Drawn Us After Thee
  14. Mp3PlayQueue172 O Teach Us More Of Thy Blest Ways
  15. Mp3PlayQueue180 We Are But Strangers Here
  16. Mp3PlayQueue181 Glory Lord Is Thine For Ever-2
  17. Mp3PlayQueue181 Glory Lord Is Thine For Ever-3
  18. Mp3PlayQueue181 Glory Lord Is Thine For Ever
  19. Mp3PlayQueue199 Man Of Sorrows What A Name
  20. Mp3PlayQueue200 Father How Precious Unto Thee
  21. Mp3PlayQueue202 What Will It Be To Dwell Above
  22. Mp3PlayQueue205 Thou God Of Grace Our Father 313
  23. Mp3PlayQueue212 Called From Above And Heavenly Men By Birth 3-6
  24. Mp3PlayQueue217 Soldiers Of Christ Arise
  25. Mp3PlayQueue217 Soldiers Of Christ Arise And Put Your Armour On
  26. Mp3PlayQueue218 Soon Will The Master Come Soon Pass Away
  27. Mp3PlayQueue220 Our Hearts Are Full Of Christ And Long
  28. Mp3PlayQueue221 Happy They Who Trust In Jesus
  29. Mp3PlayQueue224 Oh That We Never Might Forget
  30. Mp3PlayQueue235 Well Praise Thee Glorious Lord
  31. Mp3PlayQueue245 On That Same Night Lord Jesus 1-4
  32. Mp3PlayQueue247 And Is It So We Shall Be Like Thy Son
  33. Mp3PlayQueue248 Thou Thou Art Worthy Lord
  34. Mp3PlayQueue261 The Holy One Who Knew No Sin
  35. Mp3PlayQueue271 O God Through Christ We Sing
  36. Mp3PlayQueue288 O Thou Whose Mercies Far Exceed
  37. Mp3PlayQueue289 Be Still My Soul
  38. Mp3PlayQueue289 Be Still My Soul The Lord Is On Thy Side
  39. Mp3PlayQueue292 Hallelujah Christ Hath Conquered
  40. Mp3PlayQueue302 O Blessed Lord What Hast Thou Done
  41. Mp3PlayQueue316 We Are By Christ Redeemed-2
  42. Mp3PlayQueue316 We Are By Christ Redeemed
  43. Mp3PlayQueue332 We Rest On Thee Our Shield And Our Defender-2
  44. Mp3PlayQueue332 We Rest On Thee Our Shield And Our Defender-3
  45. Mp3PlayQueue332 We Rest On Thee Our Shield And Our Defender
  46. Mp3PlayQueue348 Blest Lord Thou Spakest Twas Thy Voice
  47. Mp3PlayQueue357 Thou Hast Stood Here Lord Jesus
  48. Mp3PlayQueue361 In Heavenly Love Abiding
  49. Mp3PlayQueue371 Look Ye Saints The Sight Is Glorious
  50. Mp3PlayQueue372 Saved For Glory Yes For Glory 1-2
  51. Mp3PlayQueue380 What Love It Was That Brought Thee Down
  52. Mp3PlayQueue382 Love Bound Thee To The Altar
  53. Mp3PlayQueue393 O Lord By Faith We Look Above 2,3,1
  54. Mp3PlayQueue401 Thou Art The Everlasting Word
  55. Mp3PlayQueue402 Everlasting Glory Unto Jesus Be
  56. Mp3PlayQueue404 Oh What A Gift The Father Gave
  57. Mp3PlayQueue407 We Worship At Thy Holy Feet
  58. Mp3PlayQueue410 Eternal Word Eternal Son
  59. Mp3PlayQueue412 Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me
  60. Mp3PlayQueue422 God And Father We Adore Thee
  61. Mp3PlayQueue436 God And Father We Adore Thee
  62. Mp3PlayQueue482 The Father From Eternity

Gospel Songs

01:10:44 - 23 Tracks
Play AllQueue AllZIP
  1. Mp3PlayQueueAlmost Persuaded
  2. Mp3PlayQueueAmazing Grace
  3. Mp3PlayQueueAt Calvary
  4. Mp3PlayQueueAt The Cross
  5. Mp3PlayQueueBefore the Throne of God Above
  6. Mp3PlayQueueBehold Him Standing at the Door
  7. Mp3PlayQueueBlessed Assurance
  8. Mp3PlayQueueGod In Mercy Sent His Son
  9. Mp3PlayQueueGrace Greater than our Sins
  10. Mp3PlayQueueHas the Voice of Jesus Sounded
  11. Mp3PlayQueueI Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say
  12. Mp3PlayQueueI Will Sing of My Redeemer
  13. Mp3PlayQueueIt Is Well With My Soul
  14. Mp3PlayQueueJesus Paid It Al
  15. Mp3PlayQueueLife At Best Is Very Brief
  16. Mp3PlayQueueMy Faith Has Found a Resting Place
  17. Mp3PlayQueueOh How He Loves You And Me
  18. Mp3PlayQueuePrecious Precious Blood of Jesus
  19. Mp3PlayQueueSoftly And Tenderly
  20. Mp3PlayQueueThere is Power In The Blood
  21. Mp3PlayQueueTurn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  22. Mp3PlayQueueWhat a Day That Will Be

Young People's Songs

51:21 - 18 Tracks
Play AllQueue AllZIP
  1. Mp3PlayQueueAll In All-2
  2. Mp3PlayQueueAll In All
  3. Mp3PlayQueueAnd Can It Be
  4. Mp3PlayQueueAs The Deer
  5. Mp3PlayQueueGreat is thy Faithfulness
  6. Mp3PlayQueueHe Is Lord
  7. Mp3PlayQueueHow Great Thou Art
  8. Mp3PlayQueueIn Christ Alone
  9. Mp3PlayQueueLord I Lift Your Name On High
  10. Mp3PlayQueueSanctuary
  11. Mp3PlayQueueShout to the Lord
  12. Mp3PlayQueueThe Power Of The Cross
  13. Mp3PlayQueueThe Power of the Cross-2
  14. Mp3PlayQueueTurn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  15. Mp3PlayQueueWonderful Grace Of Jesus-2
  16. Mp3PlayQueueWonderful Grace Of Jesus
  17. Mp3PlayQueueWonderful Merciful Savior-2
  18. Mp3PlayQueueWonderful Merciful Savior

Talent NIght

42:04 - 12 Tracks
Play AllQueue AllZIP
  1. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-1-Be Unto Your Name
  2. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-2-How Great Thou Art
  3. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-3-The Anchor Of My Life
  4. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-4-166 Lord Thou Hast Drawn Us After Thee
  5. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-5-181 Glory Lord Is Thine For Ever 218 Soon Will The Master Come Soon Pass Away
  6. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-6-Love of My Saviour Springing Fountain - Translation
  7. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-7-Love of My Saviour Springing Fountain
  8. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-8-What a Friend We Have Jesus
  9. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-9-All In All
  10. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-10-At The Cross - Jesus Paid It All - Amazing Grace
  11. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-11-Before the Throne of God Above
  12. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-Talent-12-Conclusion

Young People's Evening Sessions

YP Missionary Meeting

11:35 - 1 Track
Play AllQueue AllZIPYP Missionary Meeting - Full Mp3
  1. Mp3PlayQueueEBC2022-YP-MissionaryMeeting
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