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Ministry by Daniel Bubenzer at Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC

July 2, 2017

With Whom Shall I Meet?

The Church. With Whom Shall I Meet? Daniel Bubenzer, Philipp Bubenzer, Jean-Denis Rossel. GBV

When looking at Christendom today, you may be asking yourself:

  • Why are there so many different groups of Christians?
  • How can I find Christians that meet according to God’s Word?
  • Is there a way to live out the unity of the Church according to God, a unity centered around the Lord Jesus?

The aim of this booklet is to examine the origin of the current divisions in Christendom and to show that there is a way to live out the unity of the Church according to God, a unity that is truly centered around the Lord Jesus. It is not connected to any particular Christian organization but intends to simply go back to the Word of God.

Despite their limitations, the aim of the illustrations is to help in better understanding the teaching found in the Word of God.

It is our desire that God may use His Word through this booklet to encourage us to respond to the love of the Lord who loved His Church (Ephesians 5:25).

Download the booklet and listen below to learn more.

With Whom Should I Meet

01:15:38 - 8 Tracks
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Br. Daniel Bubenzer
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